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Please note that items marked with a (Pdt) are the ones
Pandit ji can bring.

The following list is prepared for use by Pdt Davendra
Sharma. Individual purohits may differ on the choice of items they use.
The list below is in close resemblance to the one recommended and used by the Brahman Purohit Sabha.

Please feel free to call or email Pdt Davendra Sharma:

Cell: 0414 560 424
Home: +61 (02) 9892 3525
Email: pdt108@hinducosmos.com

1. General Pooja Samagri pack (available from most spice shop outlets)
Recommended pack: Hare Rama Traders (Fiji) or Sat Narayn Katha set (from Haridwar, Inida)

2. Five, seven or nine varieties of fruits - oranges, watermelon,
grapes, bananas, pears, apples, rockmelon, strawberries,
mangoes/coconuts or honey dew melons, etc

3. Three cooked sweet prasad - must include khir & puri, others - halua & panjiri or ladoo.

4. brown sugar (100g), one pkt matches, 250 gm ghee

5. Milk, dahi (gelatine-free yoghurt), honey, ghee and gudr (brown sugar)- these are mixed together to make pancha minat

6. Five pieces each of - Durwa.

7. One packet of fresh of paan leaves (at least 15 leaves should be in there)

8. Mango leaves - five for kalash, plus nine others.

9. One long banana leaf

10. Two bunches of flowers (should include white, red & yellow)

11. Cutlery/dishes - two pooja thalis, two lotas, three spoons, six glasses, one hawan kund.

13. One coconut for kalash, one for hawan (optional), one for prasad (optional)

14. Relevant Devi/devta pooja photo or murti - Sri Ganesh, Shiva & Ma Durga, Vishnu

15. OPTIONAL sidha for purohit - should include five items - could be rice, flour, fruits, milk, ghee, brown sugar ( jaggery or gudr preferred ), dhal, peas, clothes - could include dhoti & (size 38) shirt, or (size 38) kurta suit, or handkerchief, etc.

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