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August 29th - 8th September 2014

Sri Ganesh-ji

Vinayak Chaturthi marks the beginning of 10 days of uninterrupted worshiping of Lord Ganesh-ji, followed by immersion in the sea or river of the Ganesh murti on the 11th day.

In the Ramayan and also in the Shiv Maha Puran, Lord Shiva declares that there is no place in Prithvi Lok that he prefers more than Varanasi. Sri Ganesh-ji joins him in Varanasi once in every Hindu calendar year during the month of Bhadrapadh for 10 to 11 days.

During the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha decends from his Lok to Varanasi, and performs parikrama for 10 days. Lord Ganesha's prarikrama of Varanasi concludes on the 11th day of Ananta Chaturdashi.

Apart from Varanasi, ardent devotees of Sri Ganesh also observe this festival in parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

In Varanasi Ganesh Utsav festival is observed for ten days with a large Ganesha murti, which is then immersed in Ganga River on the 11th day.

Preparations for this festival start months ahead with the making of a murti out of clay.

During the procession where devotees carry the clay murti to be immersed in the River or sea, they passionately chant:

"Ganapathi Bappa Morya, Purchya Varshi Laukariya"
O father Ganesha, come again early next year

Mantras for the offering of 21 leaves to Sri Ganesh can be found here.
Mantras for the offering of 21 flowers to Sri Ganesh can be found here.

Milk Miracle

It was during this time, that Sri Ganesh began to accept milk from devotees through offerings made to its murti around the world about 8 years ago.

Chandra Darshan Prohibited

Due to a curse placed on Chandra Devta by Sri Ganesh-ji, darshan of the moon or moon sighting on Vinayak Chaturthi day is prohibited. As a result of the curse, anyone who looks at the moon (Chandra) on the Vinayak Chaturthi could experience troubles in the year ahead, such as being wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit.

This encounter between the Chandra Devta and Lord Ganesh is well documented in the Ganesh Puran.

It follows that Chandra Devta once scoffed at Sri Ganesh-ji during a mishap. The story unfolds like this. It is well known that Lord Ganesha likes to eat. One evening, having stuffed himself to capacity, he decided to take a ride on his favored mount, Mooshika, a rat. Along the moonlit road they chanced upon a large snake and the startled rat bolted. Lord Ganesh fell heavily; he hit the ground so hard that his stomach burst open. Gathering up the remains of his self-esteem, his ample guts and the snake,Lord Ganesh wittily used the reptile as a belt and tied himself up together again. Howls of derision shattered the peaceful scene; it was Chandradeva (the Moon-Deity) who had witnessed the whole incident with great relish.
Enraged at the sound of all this laughter, Lord Ganesh lost his temper and angrily cried: "Chandra! Now you will become unworthy of being seen by anyone! Someone seeing you by any chance, shall have to reap the consequences of a sinful act."
But after much persuasion by Lord Indra and Agni Devta, Ganeshji pardoned Chandra Devta and restricted his curse to only the Chaurthi day of Bhadrapath month, meaning Vinayak Chaturthi.

Sri Ganesh-ji said:

"Devtas! One who sees Chandra on the fourth day of the bright half of the lunar period of the sixth month of the Hindu year, knowingly or unknowingly, will be cursed. He will undergo many difficulties!"

Ways to Worship During the 10 Days:

Make offerings of 21 different leaves including and especially:

  • Bael leaves
  • Durva
  • Datura

Mantras for each of the 21 leaves offerings below:

This is for the offering of 21 leaves for Ganesh. Ideally 21 different leaves including Bael, Datura and Durva.

  1. Om Sumukhaye Namah Malti Patram Samarpami

  2. Om Gana Dhipaye  Namah Bhring Raj Patram Samarpami

  3. Om Uma Putraye Namah Bael Patram Samarpami

  4. Om Gajananaye Namah Sthwet Durva Patram Samarpami

  5. Om Lambodaraye Namah Badri Patram Samarpami

  6. Om Har Soonwe Namah Dhatur Patram Samarpami

  7. Om Gajkarnaye Namah Gulad Patram Samarpami

  8. Om Warak Tundaye Namah Shami Patram Samarpami

  9. Om Grah Grajaye Namah Apamarg Patram Samarpami

  10. Om Yekdantaye Namah Brati Patram Samarpami

  11. Om Weektaye Namah Karweer Patram Samarpami

  12. Om Kapilaye Namah Ark Patram Samarpami

  13. Om Gaj Dantaye Namah Arjun Patram Samarpami

  14. Om Vighan Rajaye Namah Vishnu Krant Patram Samarpami

  15. Om Batye Namah Dandi Dhi Patram Samarpami

  16. Om Sura Grajaye Namah Deodaru Patram Samarpami

  17. Om Bhal Chandraye Namah Maru Patram Samarpami

  18. Om Herambaye Namah Ashwath Patram Samarpami

  19. Om Chatu Bhurjaye Namah Jaati Patram Samarpami

  20. Om Vinaye Kaye Namah Keteki Patram Samarpami

  21. Om Sarveshawaraye Namah Agasti Patram Samarpami

Make offerings of 21 different flowers, preferably yellow

Mantras for each of the 21 fowers offerings below:

Yek Vishanti Pushpam Pujam for Sri Ganesh

Speacial Pushpam (flowers) Puja for Sri Ganesh

  1. Om Sumukaye Namah Jaati Pushpam Samarpami

  2. Om Lambodaraye Namah Karika Pushpam Samarpami

  3. Om Wiktaye Namah Ketki Pushpam Samarpami

  4. Om Vinaaykaye Namah Bakul Pushpam Samarpami

  5. Om Vidhan Hatre Namah Shat Patra Pushpam Samarpami

  6. Om Dhumra Ketwe Namah Punnagh Pushpam Samarpami

  7. Om Gaj Karnaye Namah Karwir Pushpam Samarpami

  8. Om Uma Putraye Namah Parijatak Pushpam Samarpami

  9. Om Aghnashine Namah Naghkeshar Pushpam Samarpami

  10. Om Ish Putraye Namah Padam Pushpam Samarpami

  11. Om Sarve Sidhi Pradaykaye Namah Malika Pushpam Samarpami

  12. Om Mushak Wahnaye Namah Kalhaar Pushpam Samarpami

  13. Om Ibhak Katraye Namah Giri Karnika Pushpam Samarpami

  14. Om Kumar Guruwe Namah Govind Pushpam Samarpami

  15. Om Dirgh Tundaye Namah Munni Pushpam Samarpami

  16. Om Bhal Chandraye Namah Paatal Pushpam Samarpami

  17. Om Yekdantaye Namah Arak Pushpam Samarpami

  18. Om Ganaa Dhisaye Namah Dandibhii Pushpam Samarpami

  19. Om Ganapataye Namah Jasuki Pushpam Samarpami

  20. Om Sidhi Vinayakaye Namah Madhumaal Ti Pushpam Samarpami

  21. Om Vighan Rajaye Namah Schwet Karnika Pushpam Samarpami

Make offerings of 21 laddoos (in parts of India offerings to Ganesh are referred to as Modakas)

Do the 16 steps of worshipping a murti

Avishek (bathing the murti with water, milk, dahi, ghee and honey and gudr)

Chant 1000 names of Lord Ganesha and make offerings of items such as, Durva Patra , Bael Patra, Badaam (Almonds), Misri (Sugar candy), Cashew nuts, Sultanas,

Recite Ganesh Chalisa and parts of Ganesh Puran or Narad Puran

Perform Aarti and Shanti Path.

Other events during Bhadrapath month

Friday 13th September - Sri Radha Ashtami

Monday 16th September - Vaman Jayanti


Thursday 19th September - BADRAPADH MAAS ENDS

Friday 20th September- Pitra Paksha starts

Friday 4th October - Pitra Paksha Ends

October 5th - 13th - SRI NAV RATRI


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