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August 1st - 29th 2015
Samudra Manthan

This year's Purushottam Maas - June 17-July 16 has pushed off our regular months by around 28 days and as such the Shravan maas will now be delayed till August and the popular Krishna Janam Ashtami to September 5.

What makes Shravan maas (August 1st to 29th) the holiest of all Hindu months?

It was because during this month, the samundar manthan (churning of ocean) took place, when Lord Shiva stepped in and saved the whole cosmos or universe from destruction.

While churning the ocean by Devtas and demon kings, it is believed that 14 various types of rubies were derived. It's been said that 13 of these were evenly distributed between the Devtas and demons, but the jahar (poison or halahal) was spared.

None of the Devtas or the demons were willing to consume or accept this strong poison - except Sri Shiva-ji - who drank the jahar but kept the liquid in his throat - thus deriving his name: Nilkantha (Nil - meaning blue) and Kantha(throat).

It is said in various scriptures that to minimise the very strong effects of the poison, Sri Shiva-ji wore the tiny crescent of the Chandar Devta (moon) on his forehead.

It is also believed that offering Ganga jal on Shiva lingam also started around this month to calm the effects of the poison in Lord Shiva's throat.

Every day of this Sharvan month has its own significance, and rituals that can be observed. However, no days are more auspicious than Shravan Mondays – August 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th 2015..

While Mondays in Sharvan maas are particularly auspicious for Sri Shiva-ji, other days of this month are very special for the following:


Devi Gauri or Parvathi or Durga, especially by women for good health of their family:
Lord Vishnu or his reincarnations like Sri Krishna and Sri Ram.
Gayatri Devi, saraswati or your own Guruji.
Sri Laxmi and Tulsi Vrinda Devi.
Shani Devta - particularly important for fighting ill-effects of Shani in regards to obstacles of wealth being derived in homes.
Worshipping of Lord Surya.

It is considered particularly beneficial to start Solar Somvaar Varat (16 Mondays of fasting) during the month of Shravan.

The star Shravan rules the astrologies during Shravan Maas – this is where the month derives its name. This is the holiest month for Shiv bhakti - similar to the month of Kartik for Lord Vishnu’s bhakti.

During this month Lord Shiva’s devotees should:

  • Wear Rudraksh, and also use a Rudraksh mala for Japa
  • Offer Lord Shiva Bhibhuti and place some on your forehead
  • Make offerings of Bael leaves, milk, yoghurt, ghee, honey and gur on Shiva Ling
  • Recite Shiv Chalisa or Shiv Katha and Aarti
  • Chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

For all other Mantras, Chalisas and devotional songs please check the Bhakti and Puja webpage on this site

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