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Ram Darbar

SRI SITA NAUMI - Thursday 8th May, 2014

The day is observed as the birth of Sri Sita or Janki Devi - the wife of Lord Ram.

Sri Sita Devi is considered a reincarnation of Goddess Laxmi just as Lord Ram is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

In the great Hindu epic, Ramayana the tale behind Sri Devi is best remembered about her tapasya to find her perfect marriage partner. Literally thousands of kings turned up at her father, King Janakji's palace to lift the auspicious danush baan to earn the right to marry Sri Sita Devi.

It was her father, King Janak's condition that whoever could lift the divinely dhanush baan - given by Lord Shiva will marry her daughter.

However, as Sita's destiny has it - only her own choice would be able to lift Lord Shiva's dhanush baan and actual break it. And her choice was made after years of her tapasya to Devi Parvathi, wife of Lord Shiva.

Sri Sita Naumi is not celebrated with as much flair and festivity as Sri Ram Naumi is in the month of Chaitra - last month. However without Sita, bhakti or worshipping of Lord Ram's would be considered greatly inadequate because of the immense closeness between Lord Ram - the beloved King of Ajoydhya and her queen, Sita.

Sri Sita Devi is also remembered in the Ramayana as setting role model for Hindu society especially in her devotion and commitment to Lord Ram during his time in 14-year exile.

Sri Sita was born as Jhanki - meaning daughter of King Janak but was later renamed as Sri Sita Devi by Maharishi, Saint Naradh Muni.

She was actually given to King Janak by Mother Earth whilst he was on his farm during a prolonged drought period in the Tretha Yugh.

Sri Sita Devi was married to Lord Ram on the same day as her cousins, Urmila was married to Lord Ram's brother Laxman; Madhvi to Bharat and Sutkriti to Satrughan, the youngest of the four Ajoydhya brothers.

VEISHAAKI FESTIVAL - 16th April to 14th May, 2014

While the month of Chaitra was regarded as very divine and highly spiritual last month because of Sri Ram Navmi (31st March to 8th April), Nav Ratri and Sri Hanuman Jayanti/Chaitra Purnima (April 15) and New Year (May 31st) with the start of Vikram Somvat (2071), the month of Veishak promises to be as important in May, 2014

In Chaitra, we welcomed one of four most celebrated avtaars (reincarnations) of Sri Hari Vishnu - that of Sri Ram and his three brothers, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrugan.

However, apart from commemorating two avtaars of Goddesses, we have reincarnation of two other Sri Hari Vishnu in Veishak. In this month - sometimes referred as Veishaki, we have abundance of Jayantis - from Sri Sita Navmi, Sri Ganga Jayanti, Sri Parshuman Jayanti to Sri Narsingh Jayanti.

Then we have Akshay trithya, one of the year's most significant dates as good deeds and bhakti done on this day derives puun or blessings for a long time. In May, this date falls on Friday 2nd, May.

Calendar Dates for May 2014

1.Friday 2nd May, Sri Parshuram Jayanti and Akshay Trithiya

2. Saturday 3rd May, Sri Ganesh Chaturthi

3. Tuesday 6th May, Ganga Saptami/Jayanti

4. Wednesday 7th May, Sri Baglamukhi Jayanti

5. Thursday 8 May, Sri Sita Navmi

6. Sunday 11th May, Veishak Mohini Ekadashi

7. Tuesday 13th May, Veishak Treodashi

8. Tuesday 13th May, Narsingh Jayanti

9. Wednesday 14th May,Sri Budh Jayanti/Veishak Purnima

10. Thursday 15th May, Sri Jyest Maas starts

11. Friday 16th May, Sri Naradh Muni Jayanti

12. Sunday 18th May, Sri Jyest Ganesh Chaturthi

13. Sunday 25th May, Sri Jyest Apra Ekadashi

14. Monday 26th May, Sri Jyest Treodashi

15. Wednesday 28th May, Sri Savitri Amavysa/Sri Shanti Jayanti

16. Saturday 31st May, Ma Parvati Jayanti

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