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28th July 2017

Nagh Devta, the Snake God, is worshipped on this day by devotees of both - Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva's alike.

As the name suggests, this festival falls on the firth day of bright (moon) side of the month of Shravan, considered most pure for Lord Shiva's devotion.

We observe Nagh Panchmi - in honour of the Nagh Devta whose significance is known in many ways:

  1. Seshnagha - the snake with six hoods assisting Lord Vishnu;

  2. The Devta who holds the whole universe (prithvi or mother earth) on its head (and often believed that when he shakes his head, earthquakes happen);

  3. The Devta who rests around Lord Shiva's ornamental neck.

  4. The Devta, once known as Kaliya was chased from Yamuna River by Sri Krishna due to harassment of Lord Krishna's devotees around the area.

  5. The Devta is worshipped in male and female form during bhumi (prithvi or mother earth) puja before start of construction of new buildings.

Like all Hindu festivals and fasts,Nagh Panchmi has immense spiritual and religious rituals along with some modern day cultural and social significance.

It is believed it was on this day also, that Lord Krishna battled with a giant Nagh in Yamuna River because the Snake God used to terrorise devotees around Vrindavan and Mathura - the birth place for Lord Krishna.

In parts of India, it is considered divine to pray to the Nagh Devta on this day by offering milk, honey, ghee, water, rice and bananas on this day - especially near Shiva Lingams.

Also, suggested on this day is recite Sanskrit mantras and aarti of Nagh Devta on this day to seek his blessings near River Ganges.

Bhavishya Puran, one of 18 holy Purans, states that men from all walks bathe in rivers around India on this day and make offerings whilst asking for protection for families from the Nagh Devta.

On the auspicious day of this festival, Hindus are encouraged to bathe before sunrise, do japa, prayer, sing bhajans and recite Nagh Devtas mantras and aarti.

Farmers also ask for protection of their land from the Nagh Devta on this day as this day also marks the beginning of harvest season.

The following mantras can be recited on this day:

1. Om Sri Nagh Devaye Namah

2. Om Sri Seshaye Namah

3.Om Namastu Sarpo Bhau

4. Ye ke cha prithvi manu ye antriche - ye divi tebhau sarpo bhau namo namah

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